The Systems Health Care Certification is for those practitioners who have demonstrated a thorough understanding and application of the SHC protocol via a practical and written exam. You’ll be eligible to take this certification if you’ve taken the Basic SHC Workshops and/or have studied the entire SHC Video Series and SHC Manual. The individualized practical exam and written portion will test your knowledge and skills of the SHC protocol as well as act as a teaching tool.

Upon passing, you’ll be:

  • Listed as a Certified SHC Practitioner on the Systems Health Care website.
  • Invited to advanced SHC Workshops (i.e. “Master’s Class”)
  • Able to attend any future SHC Basic Workshops for free when space is available.
  • More certification perks as we think of them!

*Starting in 2024 you will need to Re-Cert every four years. You will need to renew your SHC Certification either before the 2024 Master’s Class Weekend OR at the Master’s Class. After that, you’ll need to come to at least one Master’s Class every four years to keep your certification active. (In other words, after 2024, you’ll need to attend a Master’s Class at least once between 2025-2028.)

2024 Certification and Recertification Fees

  • The written and practical exam are one test. Therefore, you must pass both to become certified. For new Certs if you fail one part of the test (written or practical, not both), you can re-take that one part free, one more time, at a later date.
  • First time SHC Cert or re-take: $300
  • Re-Cert at 2024 Master’s Class: cost reflected in registration fee
  • Re-Cert for 2024 (between September 1, 2023 and May 1, 2024) via video: $250
      • Video recertifications will require two videos approximately 15 minutes in length each, one showing SHC structural protocols and another showing visceral techniques. Please email me to discuss!

Perhaps you have a few questions?

Who needs to recertify in 2024? Anyone who became a SHC Certified Practitioner before 2022 and did not attend the SHC Master’s Class in 2023.

What happens if you don’t complete your recertification by the May deadline? You’ll no longer be a SHC Certified Practitioner and we’ll have to take you off our “Find a Doc” list. You’ll then have to re-certify which would mean retaking the SHC practical and written exam ($300)

Do you need to know the SHC Next Level material to be recertified? No it’s not a requirement. But it sure would be nice to know it. You do need the Next Level material (videos) if you want to come to any Master’s Class, which you’ll need to do in the future to keep your SHC Cert active. That means if you plan to recertify at the Master’s Class in May 2024, you’ll need to know that material to attend, but it won’t be on the recertification exam.

Why do I need to recertify? If you’re truly vested in SHC, there’s really no reason not to get recertified. After 2024, that means attending a Master’s Class once every four years. Most SHC Certified docs come every year or every other year. This is how you keep your skills proficient and learn new techniques and protocols too. Most professional courses require members to keep their status active every two to three years and they charge a fee for this too. The only fee required is for this one year (2024) and after that it will automatically be part of the Master’s Class.

Why now? Simple: Time to weed out those who aren’t practicing SHC, or have lost their skills and don’t want to keep them up.

Systems Health Care Certification