The Systems Health Care Certification is for those practitioners who have demonstrated a thorough understanding and application of the SHC protocol via a practical and written exam. You’ll be eligible to take this certification if you’ve taken the Basic SHC Workshops and have studied the entire SHC Video Series and SHC Manual. The individualized practical exam and written portion will test your knowledge and skills of the SHC protocol as well as act as a teaching tool.

Upon passing, you’ll be:

  • Listed as a Certified SHC Practitioner on the Systems Health Care website.
  • Invited to advanced SHC Workshops.
  • Able to attend any future SHC Basic Workshops for free when space is available.
  • More certification perks as we think of them!


(The written and practical exam are one test. Therefore, you must pass both to become certified.)

Systems Health Care Certification