Enjoy these free SHC demonstration and technique videos. The video series to learn Systems Health Care can be found under the “Learn” tab.

See the immediate and amazing change of using oral nutrient testing on a simple neurological test. This 72 year old patient suffered a stroke a few years ago and is dealing with balance, speech, and other neurological issues. Prior to filming, (and the beginning of the visit), his past pointing test, as shown in the video, was even worse than what you’ll see – he missed by several inches. After a few corrections it improved to the 1-2 cm difference you’ll see here, which quickly becomes perfect just from simple gustatory neurological indicator testing.

Watch this Systems Health Care demonstration showing how specific nutrients resolve deep calf cramping with just oral nutrient testing.

Check out this video to see an extraordinary change in shoulder range of motion simply by changing breathing. Systems Health Care teaches doctors and therapists how to evaluate and treat these problems.

Dr. Gangemi discusses using manual muscle testing as a vital neurological assessment tool.

Watch how a knee problem can be due to a calf (soleus) problem which can be stemming from an oblique injury pattern.

A very detailed demo of the SHC technique for finding injuries.

This video demonstrates how a problem in the low back, pelvis, hip, or knee can affect the toe flexors – specifically the flexor hallucis longus muscle – which in turn will impact the strength and stability of the knee and entire leg.

This video shows the link between a troublesome femoral hernia and a chronic shoulder problems using manual muscle testing as an evaluation/assessment in the Systems Health Care protocol.

A demo of how to determine the impact of an injury affecting gait and subsequently affecting other muscles.