Dr. Torry Hinson, Idaho

by DrGangemi on November 7, 2016 Comments Off on Dr. Torry Hinson, Idaho

Systems Health Care has been an invaluable addition to my care of patients. I’ve been using Applied Kinesiology in my practice for 16 years, using several different approaches within AK to find the source of a patients’ problems. SHC has simplified a lot of trial and error for me, and allowed me to find issues for a patient that I most likely wouldn’t have found otherwise. The results have been outstanding! The great thing about the SHC protocol is that it allows the doctor to treat a patient’s problems in a hierarchy specific to that patient, as well as all the little injuries or compensations that the patient has adapted to that are in the background causing dysfunction. In my opinion, it’s a COMPLETE treatment system and I love it!

DrGangemiDr. Torry Hinson, Idaho