The Systems Health Care Manual

The Systems Health Care Manual is a 150+ page manual to reference as you evaluate, diagnose, and treat your patient using the SHC technique. The manual is also essential if you choose to learn how to practice SHC by attending a workshop series or watching the videos. It’s loaded with information that will not only help you learn the System Health Care protocols and patterns, but it will also act as a guide during patient treatment, regardless of the type of therapy you use in your office. The manual contains:

  • Systems Health Care protocol flow charts
  • Dozens of biochemistry charts (e.g. ammonia detoxification, GAGS synthesis, glutathione metabolism)
  • Procedural flow charts (e.g. dysglycemia, aerobic & anaerobic testing, emotional stress techniques)
  • Beautiful charts of Chapman’s Reflexes, Visceral Referred Pain Areas, and Acupressure Points to reference as you go through the various SHC procedures
  • A detailed overview of each organ’s common nutrition therapies, offenders, and insights/tips, including a thorough discussion of topics such as fatty acid metabolism and heart rate variability
  • And much, much more!
  • Version 3.2 (5th revision) of the SHC Manual available as of July 2022!

Pathway Sample

SHC MANUAL - Heart Sample

Organ Sample

SHC MANUAL - Flowchart Sample

Flowchart Sample


VRP Sample

The Systems Health Care Manual

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* If you want to learn SHC, you will need to watch the videos or attend a workshop. The SHC manual will not walk you through the technique.

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