The Systems Health Care Laminated Wall Charts

The Systems Health Care Laminated Wall Charts are a full color, high quality matte laminate poster on matte paper or a polyester material with adhesive backing style poster. They are made to order and are available in two sizes: 12″x18″ or 24″x36″. Check out the video and samples below for more information on the eight beautiful Systems Health Care posters available to display in your office. USA shipping only.

  • Ammonia/Nitrogen Metabolism
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism with GAGs synthesis, TCA, and ETC
  • Essential Fatty Acid Metabolism
  • Glutathione Synthesis, Recycling, and Precursor Metabolism
  • Neurotransmitter Synthesis and Support (ACh, GABA, DOP, SER)
  • Steroid Hormone and Thyroid Hormone Metabolism
  • Chapman’s Reflexes
  • Visceral Referred Pain Areas

Wall Posters Pricing

These charts are made to order, so please allow 7-14 days to print and ship (UPS ground). The prices below are for the matte laminate posters (best for framing). If you’d like the polyester material with adhesive backing, that is 15% additional of the entire order. *The polyester adhesive is very high quality – it will not ruin your wall/paint. You can save the adhesive backing and the poster will restick to it if you need to move it.

24″ x 36″




$98 each


$85 each

12″ x 18″




$65 each


$55 each

To order:

Please email the size, type, material, and quantity of each along with your name and shipping information to [email protected] with “SHC Wall Posters” in the subject line. Please factor in $25 to cover shipping via UPS ground, packing material, and handling. You will then receive the total amount to pay via PayPal or Venmo. Once paid, your order will then be sent to the printer for production.

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