The Systems Health Care Video Series

The System Health Care Video Series is over 15-hours of comprehensive instructional video education. These professionally filmed and beautifully edited high definition video series will thoroughly explain and demonstrate countless SHC manual therapy techniques, protocols, and concepts to implement into any applied kinesiology practice regardless of your current knowledge base.

The System Health Care Video Series takes you through the entire Systems Health Care technique step-by-step, as well as organ evaluation, muscle testing procedures, and all the techniques and procedures that you will need to help you gain the confidence and knowledge to provide the best possible care to your patients.

Once you buy a video series you can watch as often as you like; there are no other fees – ever. After purchasing, you will automatically have an account created on the Systems Health Care website (you will receive an email after purchase to complete your account setup). The videos are embedded on this site, via Vimeo, so you can watch on your computer, tablet, or phone! Sorry, downloads are not available or permissible.

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    Systems Health Care Videos