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The Systems Health Care Manual

The Systems Health Care Manual is a 150+ page manual to reference as you evaluate, diagnose, and treat your patient using the SHC technique. The manual is also essential if you choose to learn how to practice SHC by attending a workshop or watching the videos. It’s loaded with information that will not only help you learn the System Health Care protocols and patterns, but it will also act as a guide during patient treatment, regardless of the type of therapy you use in your office.

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The Systems Health Care Video Series

The Systems Health Care Videos are a professionally filmed and beautifully edited high definition video series. The System Health Care Video Series takes you through the entire Systems Health Care technique step-by-step, as well as organ evaluation, muscle testing procedures, and all the techniques and procedures that you will need to help you gain the confidence and knowledge to provide the best possible care to your patients. Click the button to learn more!

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SHC Workshops

The Systems Health Care Workshops are hands-on, interactive classes in which you’ll learn the SHC techniques and protocol, thus expanding your patient evaluation, knowledge, and treatment skills.

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SHC Test Kits

The SHC homeopathic testing vials will enhance your treatments whether you’re testing for organ offenders or supplementation, or following a biochemistry pathway in one of the many SHC techniques.

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SHC Wall Charts

The SHC laminated wall charts will brighten up your office and your knowledge while helping your patients to understand prominent biochemical pathways in the body as well as diagnostic and therapy points you’re employing during treatment.

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