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The Systems Health Care (SHC) technique is a natural health care approach which recognizes that the human body is a network of highly interconnected components.

Practitioners of SHC do not compartmentalize health problems, whether functional or pathological, but rather seek to identify the source of the health problems that affect various parts of the system. The practice of SHC is to evaluate and treat the patient, providing optimum health care in the most holistic and individualized way, with immediate and lasting outcomes.

Learn the Systems Health Care techniques and our approach to truly natural health care by studying the Systems Health Care Manual, watching the Systems Health Care Video Series, and attending the Systems Health Care Workshops!

Manual Muscle Testing and the Systems Health Care Approach

Using the SHC concepts along with skilled manual muscle testing, you will begin to understand that there is a hierarchy within the human system and how to prioritize your treatment procedures. You will learn to understand how a patient’s health concerns relate to each other, discerning the importance of treating a specific area or not. I believe the Systems Health Care protocol will offer you a logical system of patient care and management, as well as a growing passion for natural health care. Read more about the SHC treatment of fascia and injuries here!

Dr. Gangemi working on patient

Dr. Gangemi is one of the most innovative minds in AK today.

Wally Schmitt, DC, DIBAK, DABCN

Systems Health Care has enabled me to use AK in an organized and logical way. It’s the most thorough treatment I’ve seen.

Brett Morgan, DC

“In Systems Health Care, we understand that there is a physiological hierarchy in which health issues need to be treated to remain resolved. We look for specific physiological patterns that are present when a person is functioning well, and we look for other patterns when there is a problem. Expected patterns no longer exist when the body compensates from injuries or long-term health issues. Therefore, the body doesn’t realize that there is a problem which needs to be addressed. Yes, the body can always heal itself – but if the patterns are wrong, then often it cannot do that. Injuries, as well as other health issues, have specific patterns and indicators that should exist, and if they don’t then we, the physicians, need to figure out why. From gait patterns to injury patterns to organ-dysfunction patterns, we are always looking for a pattern, whether normal or abnormal, along with other specific indicators that tell us what to treat first, next, and last. All of these guide us in how to fix the patient. Simply put, Systems Health Care identifies primary problems by identifying and treating patterns in a systematic, individualized progression.”

Dr. Stephen Gangemi, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN

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