The Systems Health Care Video Series takes you through all the SHC techniques and procedures that you will need to help you gain the confidence and knowledge to provide the best possible care to your patients.

The Systems Health Care Manual is a 200-page book to help you learn the SHC protocol as well as for reference as you evaluate, diagnose, and treat your patient using the SHC techniques.

The Systems Health Care Workshops are hands-on, interactive classes in which you'll learn the SHC techniques and protocol, thus expanding your patient evaluation, knowledge, and treatment skills.

The SHC homeopathic testing vials will enhance your treatments whether you’re testing for organ offenders or supplementation, or following a biochemistry pathway in one of the many SHC techniques.

Systems Health Care Testimonials

The SHC approach to patient care has been the #1 reason that I have so much success with my patients. I don’t have to shy away from any condition anymore.

Dr. Houston Anderson, Arizona

Please allow me to show my gratitude towards you for teaching this wonderful AK profession. Bringing structure to a complex issue gives me even more confidence to treat my patients. It’s like putting the dots together to discover the whole picture which shows the complex but fascinating journey to bring back health to our patients.

Dr. Filip Kerkaert, Belgium

Systems Health Care has been an invaluable addition to my care of patients. SHC has simplified a lot of trial and error for me, and allowed me to find issues for a patient that I most likely wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Dr. Torry Hinson, Idaho

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